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Gynecomastia – Male Breast Reduction

Patient Info


Patient Info

Patient Info – 3 months Postop

This young man always had trouble with his chest being too large. He noticed his gynecomastia since childhood and never found a way to treat it. He came to New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nikesh Patel to help improve his gynecomastia.

He had liposuction or liposculpture of his chest and after a few days he was back to his busy career. He’s now enjoying out and enjoying the contour and shap of his chest that matches the rest of his body!

Patient Info

This young man came to see Dr. Patel with questions and complaints about his chest. He is an avid exerciser and despite this could not get rid of the excess fatty deposits on his chest. He had lost a lot of weight and now had a problem with the residual skin and fat. Dr. Nikesh Patel recommended Laser Liposuction or ProLipo to help him minimize the fat, shape his chest, and tighten the skin. He had the procedure with minimal pain and down time and nearly invisible incisions. He was back to work after just a weekend and has great results that shaped his chest to match his body and make him slim and masculine.

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